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Cashew Satay Sauce

The other half made a request for a satay sauce, so I’ve come up with the below recipe.  A quick search of satay sauces revealed lots of different techniques and lots of different ingredients.  This recipe uses a spice paste as a base and cashews instead of peanuts.  I also wanted to come up with something that didn’t require too many special ingredients so this isn’t totally authentic, but I think it comes pretty close.

Makes ~2 cups

Cashew Satay Sauce | ThermomixIngredients

200g raw, unsalted cashews

1 small onion, peeled, halved and quartered

1 clove garlic, peeled

1 red chilli, deseeded and cut in half

2cm galangal, peeled and halved

2 tsp ground coriander

20g vegetable oil

60g sweet soy sauce (Kecap Manis)

140g coconut milk

160g water

20g lime juice

Salt to season


1. Put cashews into the Thermomix bowl and roast with the measuring cup (MC) off for 5 minutes/Varoma/Speed 1

2. Mill the cashews with the MC on for 5 seconds/Speed 7; remove to a small bowl

3. Put onion, garlic, chilli, galangal and coriander into the Thermomix and chop for 6 seconds/Speed 5

4. Scrape down the sides of the bowl, add oil and sauté with the MC off for 4 minutes/Varoma/Speed 2

5. Add sweet soy sauce, coconut milk, water and 150g of the cashews into the Thermomix bowl and cook with the MC on for 5 minutes/100C/Speed 3

6. Taste and add salt if required, then add lime juice and cook with the MC off for 1 minutes/100C/Speed 3

7. Blend the sauce with the MC on for 10 seconds/Speed 8 and then stir in the remaining cashews with the spatula

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