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Orange Juice

There’s nothing quite like freshly squeezed orange juice – and not the stuff that comes out of those multi-purpose juicers. We have an orange tree in our back yard and while I don’t like oranges, I do like freshly squeezed juice – so I decided to take advantage of the free oranges and to use the Thermomix to do the juicing for me.

Makes ~250-300mL

Orange Juice | ThermomixIngredients

3 oranges

3 ice cubes






1. Cut the ends off of the oranges and cut in half

2. Lay each half flat on the chopping board and cut the rind and pith off until you reach the flesh

3. Cut each piece in half again and put in the Thermomix bowl along with the ice cubes

4. Close the lid, put the measuring cup (MC) on and pulse on Turbo 4 times for 1 second each time

5. Put the Thermomix basket into the bowl and strain the juice into a glass or jug; using the spatula to hold the basket in place

Tips and Hints

1. To double the quantity, just add 3 more cut and peeled oranges and 3 more ice cubes into the Thermomix bowl after Step 5 and repeat Steps 4 and 5




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